Welcome to M’s Place Day Treatment Program

who is appropriate for day treatment level of care?

Day treatment may be appropriate for males and females ages 18+ who are medically stable and need daily structure and supervision with meals. Additionally, he/she often needs increased guidelines and structure of treatment to decrease compulsive behaviors and decrease frequency. They are cooperative and have partial motivation for recovery, although they may be preoccupied with intrusive, repetitive thoughts for several hours a day.


M's Place details

  • 30 hours per week. Meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00 am-2:00 pm; Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 pm-6:00 PM. 
  • A minimum four week program is typically recommended (20 treatment days)
  • Clinical treatment includes primarily group therapy with individual therapy, therapeutic meals/snacks, nutritional counseling  and family therapy
  • Integrates new neurobiological research with cognitive/behavioral and dialectical behavioral treatment to establish a program based on modeling treatment days so that clients can practice how to live and manage their symptoms structure, practice and integration of skills. Family and friend involvement is an integral part of treatment.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT); Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); Interpersonal Therapy modalities (IPT)
  • Individualized treatment planning and transitional care coordination
  • Inclusion of family and friends as an integrated part of treatment
  • Psycho-educational components, including biological, neurological/genetic, family and social factors that impact eating disorders, body image, self-esteem, co-morbid conditions and treatment of same, and nutrition information and movement.
  • Onsite step-down programs to assure seamless transition of care
(PHP) has saved and changed my life. Out of all of the programs I have been in, The Center for Balanced Living is the program that works. It’s what you put into it.
— Client in PHP

Transportation or Accommodation Challenges?

Transportation or accommodation challenges obstructing your entry to the Day Treatment Program (PHP)?
Don’t let them! Call us. Let’s talk about your situation and work together to overcome those barriers.
Solutions exist; we may be able to help.
No excuses. You can do this. Start your journey to wellness. Start living again. Start PHP today.

What clients say about M's Place

"Excellent program."

"I resisted psychological help for 25 years, and was terrified entering PHP. The CBL has changed my life... I found a supportive, caring staff and environment, and I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with an eating disorder."

"This program was amazing."

"I was terrified and felt helpless when I came here but I have learned and grown so much and I have so much support now that I know I can do this."

A balanced transition

MAP is M’s Aftercare Program, an Intensive Outpatient Program for eating disorders and is used as an integrated step-down program as clients’ transition from PHP.  Clients maintain a reduced schedule, meeting for treatment 3 hours a day, 3-4 days a week. MAP includes the same staff, same groups and structure to assure continuity of care. MAP helps sustain family/friend support network while each client reintegrates back into work, school or home environments and preparing to enter the outpatient level of care.

MAP also welcomes former M’s Place or PHP clients who are in outpatient treatment and have been in PHP in the past, and need to temporarily return to increased structure for core support to successfully sustain and improve their health and reduce eating disorder symptoms.

Why is it called M's Place?

M’s Place was opened, and named, in honor of Meredith and her journey of strength. Meredith, a young woman who had an eating disorder, received comprehensive care at The Center and has continued to find strength in her process of recovery. 

"...a new start for both today and your journey to recovery. I know this day seems impossible, scary, anxious, and that being here is the worst decision that you have ever made. Please trust in the faith of my words, your support, and the voice in your soul that this is the best decision that you can do for yourself.

For a history behind M’s Place, I have been fortunate enough to have a strong and supportive family and friends that helped me in my recovery from anorexia. Even six years later, I have had good and bad days, but I know I have been through hell and I can survive most of the crap that comes my way. I hate that I don’t have all the answers for you or an easy solution but there are people here who helped me and are here for you each step of the way.
My wish for you is that M’s Place will give you the strength and intuition to follow your heart and find your road to recovery. Please take your time, and know that you are the most important person in your life. Take away from “M’s Place” everything we have put into it for your future."

Love, Meredith

For more information

For more information or to schedule an assessment, contact the Center at 614.896.8222