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who is appropriate for outpatient Level of Care?

Females and males ages 16+ who are medically stable with a fair to good motivation to recovery may be considered appropriate for outpatient treatment.  He/she is self-sufficient in regards to structure required to eat and, although may be preoccupied with weight,  can manage compulsive behaviors and intrusive thoughts.


Specialized assessments  |  Assessments are conducted by our Level of Care specialists. Beginning with a phone interview, we will offer recommendations and work with clients to develop an individual plan of care

Individual therapy  |  Work one-on-one with a licensed therapist specializing in treatment with clients seeking to overcome ED.  Additional aims of therapy may include anxiety, depression, trauma, body image, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and other co-occurring diagnoses

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Education group  |  Held every Thursday, this group meets weekly over 6 months' time to build strong foundations in the principles of DBT, an approach to therapy emphasizing mindfulness and skill-based distress tolerance

Family therapy  |  We believe that family and friends are central in our effort to support clients outside of the treatment setting. Therapy sessions bringing clients and their families together may be recommended throughout the course of treatment.  Families and friends may also meet one-on-one with a licensed therapist for more information on supporting their loved one

Couples therapy  |  Addressing the needs of both parties in committed relationship is essential for health and growth beyond conflict. Couples therapy with a licensed therapist helps spouses and partners to navigate conflict and promotes honest, open dialogue in a safe space

I have had an amazing experience thus far and I know my journey is still going, and may be for awhile, but I know I came to the right place.
— Client

Nutritional counseling  |  Nutrition is an essential component toward healing for clients with eating disorders. Our licensed dietitians develop individualized meal plans and help clients to implement those plans with 'real world' sensibility

Psychiatric evaluation  |  Our professional medical team offers mental health evaluations for clients, including diagnostic and treatment recommendations

Medication management  |  Ongoing management of medications supporting mental health for clients who are followed by our medical team

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